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The rot that is Lahore’s Crème de la Crème

I cringe while I drive back from a party with Lahore’s crème de la crème, fearing some invisible illness that haunts them will latch onto

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Our Colonial Legacy; How The Debating Circuit Looks Down Upon Urdu Debates.

Raza Gillani is a familiar name in the Lahori activist circle. Recently, he uploaded a Facebook status which took the Debating Community by storm. Being


The Public Demands #Justiceforshabbir Against the Criminally Negligent Dr.Uneza

Today, another blow to humanity was served as elitism took the life of an innocent premature baby. A Facebook user, Sheheryar Sheikh revealed the following

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Diplomatic Immunity Claims Another Victim – Will Justice Be Served This Time?

It was in 2011 that an American official killed two Pakistani’s in the name of self-defense. Raymond Davis was sent to jail and charged with


Local Debater Can’t Argue for Shit With His Parents

A local debater from Defence Housing Authority recently confessed to a biting truth – He hasn’t won a single argument with his parent since the


9 Things Pakistanis Would Not Dare Do Abroad

There is something about foreign (read: “western”) air that makes Pakistanis follow all the tiny inconvenient rules with enthusiasm. These range from forming proper queues


A Buffet of Colonialism

An Uber driver of French-African descent in NYC was ranting on about how a brown man rejected him for his daughter because of his skin.