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Why are WhatsApp & Facebook the most frequently used apps to harass women in Pakistan?

What happened: A recent survey by the Digital Rights Foundation (an NGO in Pakistan) has revealed that the most frequently used applications to harass the

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Meta hints at banning Instagram and Facebook in Europe

What happened: EuroNews quotes the statemen by Meta, “Facebook and Instagram may be shut down across Europe. The issue comes down to European data regulations that

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U.S lawsuits aim to break up Facebook

What happened : More than 45 state prosecutors along with US federal regulators have sued Facebook, blaming the social media giants of taking illegitimate actions

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Facebook’s Supreme Court: How and why?

Facebook as a social media app has expanded itself into every sphere of life dramatically. From political mobilization to cultural sensitivity, facebook has impacted our

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Facebook’s Messenger Rooms to allow 50 people to hold video chat

Facebook has added a wave of new video-calling features to WhatsApp, Messenger and its main app, following increased demand for social video calling. New Messenger

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Facebook and Telenor to train women in digital skills

Facebook and Telenor launched a joint programme to train 1,000 Pakistani girls and women in digital skills to help them achieve financial empowerment and society

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Facebook will remove all pro-Soleimani content following US sanctions on Iran

Social media giant Facebook said on Friday that it would be removing content posted in support of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani from their platforms in order

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Facebook Loses Chief Control Over Content Decisions

Facebook has finalized its charter for its Oversight Board, which is being set up to adjudicate appeals about whether to leave up or take down

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Facebook Just Patted Itself On The Back For Cleaning Up Their Own Mess

Swaying the US Election, the crackdown against Rohingya Muslims, Cambridge Analytica are just a few of the controversies Facebook is embroiled in. Facebook unveiled on

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Is 10 Year Challenge on Facebook a Scam to Harvest User Data?

The 10 year challenge on Facebook has been making rounds over other social media applications as well where people post an old profile picture alongside