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Loud luxury doesn’t scream hotness: sometimes, it’s just pindi!

In recent times, we have witnessed a surge in the popularity of luxury brands among various individuals in Pakistan. From actors and vloggers to our

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Talk about creativity, fashion and aesthetics and you can’t exclude Habiba Rahman

BazaarTalks: When it comes to digital content creators, very few personalities can justify their creativity and win the hearts of the audience. Among those few,

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Before you order another fit from Shein, here’s what you need to know..

What you need to know: With hundreds of online pages selling clothes from Shein in Pakistan, the fast fashion brand produces at least 10,000 clothes

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North Korea bans leather jackets to prevent people from copying Kim Jong’s fashion sense

What happened: To prevent citizens from copying their Supreme Leader’s look, North Korea has banned leather trench coats. Details: Young men wearing leather trench coats

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7 cozy items to wear this winter from Lama

Winter outfits are all about layering and we are here to give you a helping hand with your winter wardrobe. PG Bazaar writer visited Lama’s