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Fatima Changezi becomes the first female naval officer from District Gilgit

Who is Fatima: Fatima Changezi belongs to the district Gilgit and has joined Pakistan Navy as a Sub-Lieutenant. She is the first woman to become

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Aisam Qureshi calls out Abdul Razzak and Nauman Ijaz for making fun of female athletes

What happened: Aisam Qureshi, Pakistan’s star tennis athlete, called out both Abdul Razzak, Pakistani cricketer, and Nauman Ijaz, Pakistani actor, for making fun of female

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Islamabad Police’s Gender Protection Unit is a safe-haven for women and children seeking justice and protection

ICT Police’s Gender Protection Unit was created to make it easy for women and children to access justice and protection systems in case of violence

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At 23, Aruba Faridi becomes the youngest female aerospace engineer in Pakistan

Who is Aruba: Aruba is 23 years old and comes from a family of seven in Karachi. Her father and brother both work in the

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Officer Sana rides her bike to work everyday, breaking societal stereotypes while saving cost and time

What happened: Our favourite police-woman Amna Baig tweeted about a police officer, named Sana, who rides her bike to work so she can save time

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Aaminah Qadir is offering her legal services free of charge for females, children, and minority groups

What happened: Aaminah Qadir, a young lawyer based in Lahore, has offered her legal services pro-bono over the next few months for females, children, and

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Sexual ‘Liberation’ and Class Struggle in Contemporary Pakistan

Four years ago, Vice published an essay I wrote on Pakistan’s “hook-up culture.” Initially upon submission, the piece was less of a personal essay and

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Love and the mango women of Pakistan

From an unerring codification of female characters stamped between the great pillars of the Mughals to recalling the tragedies encompassed by the folklores of Sassi Panu

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Women On Wheels Gears Up To Launch In Karachi

Women On Wheels is a programme that trains women to take on the road and relieve them of transport issues The programme, which was initiated

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‘Churails’ Is A Cool New Web Series That Will Fight Misogyny

Pakistani filmmaker Asim Abbasi has announced his latest anticipated project, a fun looking animated web series that will be laced with themes of female empowerment