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Festivities to start in the Kalash valley with the ‘Chilam Joshi festival’

Details: From May 13, Kalash Valley will host a 4-day Chilam Joshi festival. The festival commemorates the arrival of summer and celebrates the abundance of

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Celebration of Hindu festival Dada Parbriham allowed in Tharparkar amid declining COVID-19 cases

What Happened: The NCOC has allowed the celebration of the Hindu festival Dada Parbriham from 21-24 June in Tharparkar. The decision was taken in light

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40+ crushed to death at Israeli Religious Festival

The Festival: Around 100,000 ultra-orthodox jews were gathered at Mount Meron tomb to celebrate the annual Jewish holiday of ‘Lag B’Omer’. Tons of people were

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210 year old biggest beer fest in the world has been cancelled

Bavaria has cancelled the 210 year old Oktoberfest in order to curb the spread of the pandemic. Bavaria’s leaders have cancelled the world’s biggest beer

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This is All You Need to Know About The Baisakhi Festival

Indian Sikhs have celebrated the religious festival of Baisakhi at one of their religion’s holiest shrines in the northern Pakistani city of Hasanabdal, even as

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Why do Indians Celebrate Holi

Holi is a Hindu Festival, that marks the beginning of Spring.Holi is celebrated across India which is considered to be an ancient festival. It is

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7UP Foodies Festival Lahore is Not Coming Slow!

Whether you have a love-hate relationship with them, food festivals are not coming slow this year! And it is becoming increasingly difficult to escape the

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The 7UP Foodies Festival is Giving us Major FOMO!

Even though the winter months are popularly referred to as the shaadi season, food festivals are serving weddings some serious competition this year. Last week

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Faiz Lost in the Glamour of his Festival

Faiz International festival has been happening for three years, now. Faiz’s daughters have been organizing this with a totally different mindset, capitalistic, rather than that


Let’s get Innovative! #CokeFest2018

After Islamabad and Multan, the Coca Cola Food & Music Festival 2018 (aka #CokeFestival2018) finally hit Lahore and people couldn’t be happier about it! The