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Pakistan is running out of food as farming sector suffered loss of Rs.536 billion

What happened: According to the national food security ministry’s preliminary study on farm sector damage, the recent torrential rains and floods in Pakistan have caused

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This ‘Big Mac’ enthusiast just made a world record of eating the burger every day for 50 years

What happened: According to Guinness World Records, a 68-year-old man named Donald Gorske, who hails from Wisconsin in the Midwest, celebrated his 50th anniversary of

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Florida bride and caterer arrested for lacing wedding food with marijuana

What happened: As per their arrest warrants, a Florida bride named Danya Shea Svoboda and her wedding caterer, Joycelyn Montrinice Bryant, were arrested on Apr

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Its not just a billboard, it’s a live Roar Den!

Every year, Coca-cola has been surprising Pakistanis with their creativity and new ideas in the Out of Home from Coke Studio iconic shimmer to iconic landmark takeover.

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Under AIG Karachi’s new directive, police officers cannot avail free meals at restaurants anymore

What happened: On March 10, Ghulam Nabi Memom, the Additional Inspector General of Police (AIG) of Karachi, barred cops from receiving free meals from hotels

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Teen loses his fingers and legs after eating leftover Chinese noodles

What happened: A 19 year old student had to get both of his legs and ten fingers amputated after eating leftover food and noodles from

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5 rooftop restaurants in Lahore where you can enjoy good food and the weather

Check out these 5 rooftop restaurants in Lahore!

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5 places serving the yummiest Pani Puri in Lahore 

Check out these 5 Pani Puri places in Lahore.

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5 places serving the most crispy Gujarati Puri in Lahore 

Check out 5 Gujrarati Puris in Lahore.