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Lyari is magic, Lyari is ‘Mini Brazil’

Once known as a violence-ridden neighbourhood, Lyari is now a hotbed of football fanatics which is why it is now hailed as ‘Mini Brazil.’ Guns

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Muslim ticket-holders of FIFA World Cup to get free visa for Umrah

What happened: Saudi Arabia has announced that Muslim holders of the FIFA World Cup tickets will be able to perform Umrah in the country without


Maria Khan named as captain of Pakistan football team for SAFF Women’s Championship

What happened: When the Pakistan Football Federation Normalisation Committee unveiled its 23-member roster for the regional tournament in Nepal on Aug 26, Maria was named

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Mohammed Salah wins Footballer of the Year award for the second time 

What happened: Liverpool’s star footballer Mohamed Salah has just won the prestigious Football Writers’ Association, Footballer of the Year award for a second time, as

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German engineers to develop Pakistan’s first state-of-art football stadium in Karachi

What happened: On January 4, the NED University and Global Soccer Ventures signed a 10-year agreement to establish the country’s first soccer city stadium, which

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Indians criticise and stage protests after Cristiano Ronaldo’s statue in Goa was unveiled

What happened: On December 29, the Portuguese football star’s statue was unveiled in Goa’s main city Panaji. The 400kg statue of Cristiano Ronaldo sparked a

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People are pretty pissed at Storm Fiber today and here’s why

What happened: @omar_quraishi tweeted the fiber optic internet service provider Storm Fiber questioning their lack of service even after paying over Rs 6, 500 per

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Football world in disarray as clubs announce plans for European Super League

What Happened: On Sunday, 12 European football clubs announced that they will be collaborating to form a new breakaway European Super League (ESL) which would

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Fears Of Suspension Mount As Pakistan Football HQ Attacked

Karachi: A dark cloud of uncertainty reigned upon the skies in Karachi, as football in Pakistan suffered yet another setback in the shape of an

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Barcelona’s Antoine Griezmann cuts ties with Huawei over Chinese persecution of Uighurs

What happened: Barcelona’s star forward, Antoine Griezmann has cut ties with Chinese company Huawei after reports of the company being involved in developing software contributing