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#OpenProperGaanda: Factual reporting considered against freedom of speech?

Details: The nation has survived, through various stages of military dictatorship, and through the so-called democracy, where there have been numerous bans on factual reporting.

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Palestinian and Iranian websites seized by the US in attempts to “counter disinformation”

What happened: US government sources tell Reuters and The Associated Press that US Justice Department and Commerce Department have seized about three dozen websites. Details:

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Facebook’s Supreme Court: How and why?

Facebook as a social media app has expanded itself into every sphere of life dramatically. From political mobilization to cultural sensitivity, facebook has impacted our

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We Have SO Many Questions About Cyril Almeida’s Non-Bailable Arrest Warrant!

Journalist Cyril Almeida has found himself in grave trouble with the authorities in regards to an impending case of treason against him. According to a


Dawn Faces a New Wave of Repression Ahead of Elections

An upsetting wave of outright press sabotage has taken hold of the country, and Pakistan’s oldest English publication, Dawn, seems to be getting the worst


11 Pictures of Asma Jahangir That Exemplify Her as a Role Model Citizen

Pakistani lawyer and social activist Asma Jahangir passed away at 66 in Lahore yesterday. A fierce human rights champion, Asma was a beacon of hope for