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Rock the iconic Ross Geller look with these 5 leather pants

Here are our top 5 picks for leather pants.

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Friends separated after Pak-India partition reunite after 74 years

What happened: Sardar Gopal Singh and Muhammad Bashir, who were separated, met again in their late ages. Gopal Singh, aged 94, and Bashir, aged 91,

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5 Things Art and Music Lovers Can Do in Lahore This Week 

Here is a list of 5 exciting activities you can do with friends this week in Lahore!

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5 Fun and Out Of The Box Things To Do With Friends This Weekend In Karachi

Want to do something exciting this weekend? Here are top 5 picks of fun and out of the box activities to try with friends this

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7 ‘Friends’ merchandise items to get you prepared for the reunion

Ross and Rachel might have been on a break but a fan’s obsession with ‘Friends’ is never on a break. It has been more than

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What it’s like having friends who are much older than you

When I entered my twenties, I gravitated less towards my high school friends and more to the friends I made in college. All of my


Two Friends Allegedly Spent a Whole Evening Without Discussing Politics

Lahore: On Thursday night, when Shaani called Maani, two residents and friends from Old Lahore, they decided to go out and have dinner. As always


9 Timeless Moments from FRIENDS

This May marks the 14th anniversary of when the final episode of our favorite Friends aired on television. To commemorate we decided to make a


9 Things ‘90s Kids Did To Pass Time

Being born in the ‘90s meant you were a part of a whole culture in itself. Lives weren’t dominated by gadgets and playthings – passing