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“No escape”: IHC orders to public details of gift received by Imran Khan 

What happened: On April 20, the Islamabad High Court directed the Cabinet Division to provide details of the gifts received by former prime minister Imran

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5 thoughtful gift boxes you can gift your bae this Galentine’s Day

Here are 5 gift boxes for your special someone this valentine’s day.

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PIA celebrates Christmas with Santa Claus surprising passengers with gifts

What happened: Ayesha Tammy Haq a lawyer by profession, shared a heartwarming picture of a Santa Claus on a PIA flight from Islamabad to Karachi

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Saudi Arabia has handed over two mosques to Pakistan as ‘gifts’

Details: Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Pakistan has handed over two mosques, the King Abdul Aziz Mosque in Mansehra, and the King Fahd Mosque in Muzaffarabad.

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This age-old boutique in Islamabad should be your go-to for luxury gifts

Have you ever wanted to get something truly meaningful and luxurious for someone but didn’t know where to go? Everyone knows the feeling of not

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5 things you can get for the kids to make sure they get the best learning and play experience out there

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if your talents had been nurtured from a young age? In this ever evolving world, the

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7 Sustainable Gift Stores for the Eco-Friendly Freaks in Your Life

We understand that buying gifts is a struggle, let alone gifts for people who are cautious with what they consume. Before looking at the different

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7 gifts perfect for the germaphobe in your life

The pandemic has gotten to even the best of us. Everyone is conscious about the surfaces they’re touching and is constantly sanitising their hands, but

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These 15 things are perfect for someone who is addicted to K-Pop

K-Pop has taken the world by storm and Pakistan has, very well, been swept into the eye of it. However, the biggest disadvantage of being

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7 local stores where you can find Eid accessories for your pet friend

If you have ever had a pet, you realise just how quickly they become a part of your family. The little creatures of fur dig