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Social media app targeted at ‘auctioning’ Muslim women in India receives criticism

What happened: A social media app named “Bulli Bai” is under criticism for uploading numerous Muslim women’s pictures pretending to offer online auctions in India. Bulli Bai is the 2nd platform

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“Yahan namaz nahi hougi,” says Hindutva extremists as they attack Muslim worshippers

What happened: The Friday prayers at Gurgaon’s mosque were attacked by Hindutva extremists, as Muslims were forced to vacate the area. Reports suggest nearly two

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Most Hindus believe, to be Indian one has to be a Hindu

What happened: The Pew Research Center in Washington conducted a survey through nearly 30,000 face-to-face interviews in India from 2019-2020. The results of the survey

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The Curious Case of Indian Beef: Cow Slaughter Leaves 2 Dead

After an attack on local police that left two dead, 4 suspects have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the attack. The assailants attacked

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Hindu Woman ‘Schooled’ for Being with a Muslim Boy – Are We Really that Different?

A disturbing video posted by Al Jazeera shows how social conditions of fear-mongering and religious bigotry on the other side of the Pakistan-India border aren’t