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“Angry” Indian groom calls off wedding over serving food late

What happened:  In what is being reported as a bizarre incident, an Indian groom called off his wedding for the delay in serving food to

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1st metaverse wedding in India receives more than 3,000 guests

What happened: Covid-19 lockdown and SOPs force the Indian couple to hold a virtual wedding in the metaverse. On February 7, the Indian media reported, “I


Bride passes away after she cried “too much” at her rukhsati

What happened: The bride, identified as Gupteswari Sahoo, suffered a heart attack and died after she cried too much at the time of her rukhsati,

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Bride’s ex-boyfriend crashes wedding and puts vermilion on her in front of the groom

What happened:  A man in Uttar Pradesh crashed his ex-girlfriend’s wedding in a bid to stop the marriage and forcefully applied sindoor on her forehead.

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Video of Indian man spitting on a tandoori routi goes viral

What happened: A man in India’s Meerut was seen spitting while he baked rotis in the tandoor at a wedding. One of the guests secretly

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‌Priyanka Chopra Faces Backlash For Being A Hypocrite After Her Wedding Pictures Go Viral

2018 has been a year hogged with Bollywood weddings including Anushka-Virat, Sonam-Anand, Ranveer-Deepika and now Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. The two celebrated their wedding