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Should the markets be closed early to conserve energy in Pakistan?

hat happened: Pakistan is currently facing a severe economic crisis due to the rising inflation and in order to meet the IMF requirements. However, the traders

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Worried Pakistanis after Shehbaz govt increases taxation; forcing cigarette shortage 

What happened: After a recent ban on imported cigarettes and other luxury imported items, Pakistanis found it hard to find their brand of cigarettes at the

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To curb economic crisis, Pakistan reduces work days and ‘no weddings after 10 pm’ 

What happened: Currently, Pakistan is facing an economic crisis of its own kind, as the Shehbaz Sharif-led government has imposed sanctions on various things and events,

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Days after petrol hike, finance minister claims ‘Pakistan ranks least costly among 139 countries’

What happened: Sharing the data from a crowdsourced database, finance minister Shaukat Tarin tweeted, “Pakistan ranks least costly among 139 countries of the world.” Tarin shared the

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Reports claim, “Imran Khan directed spokesperson to say that there is no inflation in Pakistan”

What happened: On January 3 PM Imran Khan called a meeting of government spokesperson to discuss the media strategy. The News & Naya Daur’s report

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Pakistani journalist commits suicide due to increasing inflation

What happened: Karachi’s journalist Fahim Mughal committed suicide due to being unemployed. Fahim Mughal posted on his Facebook earlier urging the media outlets for jobs.

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Pakistan is now a “net-importer of food” trying to cope with food-insecurity

What happened: There is a 13pc food inflation in the country and with increasing food imports Pakistan has become a net-importer of food. “What the

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Inflation breaks ten-year record in Pakistan after increase in prices

Inflation in Pakistan during January 2020 was the highest recorded since December 2010, according to research by United Kingdom-based financial forecasting and advisory group Economist