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14 rockets hit base hosting US troops in Iraq

What Happened: Fourteen rockets were fired on Wednesday at the Ain al-Assad air base which hosts American troops in western Iraq, a spokesman for the

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Iraqi Militia drops guns to dig graves for COVID-19 victims

Militiamen warring against Islamic State in Najaf, Iraq are burying coronavirus victims, following the Muslim and Christian burial rituals.  Paramedic Sarmad Ibrahim, who previously treated

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US-led coalition and Iraq deny the new air strike near Baghdad

Earlier on Saturday it was reported that a PMF convoy was targeted overnight in Taji, north of Baghdad, and killed at least 6 including medics.

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US President authorises the resumption of military training in Pakistan

US President Donald Trump on Friday authorised the resumption of the International Military Education and Training Program (IMET) for Pakistan in order to strengthen military

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US citizens start leaving Iraq after air strike

After a US air strike killed a top Iranian commander in Iraq, US citizens working for foreign oil companies in the southern Iraqi oil city

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In pictures: Baghdad in revolt following deadly US airstrikes

On Sunday 29th December 2019, US carried out airstrikes against three camps in Iraq and two in Syria. The bases belonged to the Iran-backed Kata’ib Hezbollah

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7 Key Takeaways From The Protests In Iraq

In the last couple of weeks, the Iraqi government has been subjected to surprise demonstrations from civilians in southern Iraq. After small outbursts here and

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UNESCO Has Announced 2019’s Additions To Its World Heritage Sites List

Launched in 1978, the list now includes more than 1,100 sites of “cultural and natural heritage … considered to be of outstanding value to humanity.”