Karnataka Muslim girl replies with chants of ‘Allahu Akbar’ to Indian men mocking her hijab with saffron shawls

What happened: On Feb 7, after a bunch of Hindutvas, wearing saffron shawls who were shouting ‘Jai Shri Ram,’ mocked a Muslim college girl’s headscarf

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Birmingham University researchers find Muslims to be the second ‘least-liked’ group in UK

What happened: According to a new study by researchers at Birmingham University, Muslims are the second “least liked” community in the UK. The survey discovered

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PM Imran Khan applauds President Putin’s remarks against Islamophobia

What happened: On December 24, Prime Minister Imran Khan took on Twitter to praise Russian President, Vladimir Putin’s anti-Islamophobia remarks, saying that this statement reaffirms

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Canadian PM vows to fight against the Quebec law which banned a hijab-wearing teacher from her class

What happened: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’ office says that he has not “closed the door” on legal action against a Quebec law that costed

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“Crypto trade is haram for Muslims”: says Indonesia’s Religious Council

What happened: According to Indonesia’s council of religious authorities, Muslims are prohibited from using crypto assets as a form of cash. Details: The National Ulema Council