Presenting 6 guidelines focused on ‘Islamic teachings,’ Ministry of Religious Affairs proposes ban on Ramazan game shows

What happened: On March 19, the Ministry of Religious Affairs proposed a ban on game shows airing during the holy month this year. In addition,

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Turkish scientists found “Bismillah” on a marble slab in Antalya, believing it to be 195 million years old

What happened:  On February 13, Express Tribune reported that scientists Fuzuli Yagmurlu, Rasit Altindag and Nazmi Sengun found Bismillah engraved on a marble slab in

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“Insult to the Prophet is the violation of religious freedom and sacred feelings, says Vladimir Putin

What happened: On the 23rd of December, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his annual news conference, stated that insulting the Prophet Muhammad PBUH is not

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Snow fallS in Karbala for the second time in 100 Years!

Karbala witnessed its second snowfall in a century on Tuesday. The locals were delighted to see the beautiful scenes. The old and young alike were

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Canadian traveler Rosie Gabrielle to perform Hajj next year

Rosie Gabrielle, a Canadian traveler who converted to Islam last week, has announced that she will be performing Hajj next year. Here’s the latest The

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The trials and tragedies of the Uighur community in China

Who are the Uighurs? Uighurs are the oldest Turkic speaking people of Central Asia; they have been mentioned in Chinese records dating back to the


To Conservatives and Liberals, Alike: Live and Let Live!

Disclaimer: This article is in no way an attack on religious sentiments of any person or any group. It is simply questioning the language used

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Effects on Pakistan of Happenings in KSA

2017 saw shocking events in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Rapid political and economic reforms sent shockwaves of change through KSA. This year, these shock

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All the Prophet’s Men

Disclaimer: Any views expressed in this article belong solely to the writer and are not a reflection of the views supported by ProperGaanda itself. Michael


Every October – Halloween and Islam

Every October, around Halloween, my cravings for chocolate-covered almonds intensify immensely. They happen to be an integral part of my childhood memory growing up as