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Islamabad High Court issues clarification on why courts were opened in the middle of the night

What happened:  On April 10, the Islamabad High Court, alongside the Supreme Court of Pakistan, was opened late when the vote of no confidence proceedings

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Court sets age limit for marriages and declares under 18 marriage as an ‘illegal contract’

What happened: On March 1, the Islamabad High Court gave a verdict about the wedding age and noted that any marriage under the age of

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Victims shall not be exposed to the child p*rn*graphy accused, says the Islamabad High Court

What happened: On January 18, the Islamabad High Court ordered the federal government to ensure the dignity of the victims in the child pornography cases.

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“What’s the problem? Let people have fun,” says IHC while allowing fireworks on New Year

What happened: Islamabad High Court’s Justice Athar Minallah issued the NOC for fireworks outside a shopping mall in Islamabad a day before New Year eve.