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Pakistani-American delegation’s visit to the apartheid state raises suspicions of accepting Israel

What happened: Israel President Isaac Herzog recently welcomed a delegation of Pakistani-Americans, which he described as a “wonderful event” and an indication of “huge improvement”

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Israeli troops attack Palestinians celebrating Ramadan at Damascus Gate

What happened: On the second night of a crackdown on protesters gathered near Damascus Gate, occupied East Jerusalem, Israeli security forces arrested ten Palestinians and

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Emma Watson’s “pro-Palestine” post receives backlash from Israeli officials

What happened: The British actress Emma Watson on January 3, shared a picture on her Instagram titled “Solidarity is a verb.” The Instagram post depicted a rally

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Israeli spyware sold to governments to ‘target activists’ gets leaked

What happened: A software called ‘Pegasus’ was sold by the NSO Group, an Israeli surveillance company, to monitor activists, politicians and journalists from around the

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Canadian donations contribute to Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine

What is JNF?: The Jewish national fund is an organisation that was created by European Jews in 1901. They were tasked with purchasing land in

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Whatsapp blocks accounts of 100+ Palestinian journalists in Gaza

As Israeli aggression mounts in Palestinian territories, messaging app WhatsApp blocks the accounts of dozens of Palestinian journalists. What Happened: A few hours after the

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CBC journalists barred from covering Israel-Palestine for demanding unbiased coverage

Two journalists from Canada’s national broadcaster have been barred from covering the ongoing Israeli apartheid regime in Palestinian territories after signing an open letter calling

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More than 150 women doctors from Pakistan are helping Palestinian patients in Gaza via eDoctor

Israel’s ruthless aerial bombardment of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank in Palestine has critically injured many, and the bombing has also devastated medical

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Bangladesh omits ‘except Israel’ from passport

Bangladesh has announced that its passports will no longer bear the text “valid for all countries of the world except Israel.” What Happened: According to

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Israel’s influence on US media and politics is very real, and it’s about time we are able to talk about it

In an interview with Bianna Golodryga from CNN on Thursday, 20 May, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s argument took a turn when Golodryga accused Qureshi