Revisiting history: Did Javed Iqbal actually kill 100 children?

In the past: In December 1999, at the beginning of the millennium, a man named Javed Iqbal wrote letters to the DIG Lahore and the

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Movie Review: ‘Yasir Husain did justice to the role despite weak supporting cast’

Pakistan was deprived of ‘Javed Iqbal: The Untold Story’ movie release due to censorship while foreign countries got the chance to watch the most awaited


Banned in Pakistan: Yasir Hussain bags Best Actor award for Javed Iqbal at UK Asian Film Festival 

What happened: The Pakistani actor Yasir Hussain’s film Javed Iqbal was banned in the country by the censor board, but it premiered in the UK and different

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‘Banned in Pakistan’ Javed Iqbal film to be premiered in UK film festival

What happened: Pakistani film, ‘The Untold Story Of A Serial Killer,’ which was banned from screening in Pakistan two days before its theatrical release despite