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Israeli troops attack Palestinians celebrating Ramadan at Damascus Gate

What happened: On the second night of a crackdown on protesters gathered near Damascus Gate, occupied East Jerusalem, Israeli security forces arrested ten Palestinians and

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Palestinian residents in Jerusalem’s Silwan forced to evacuate and dismantle their own homes

What happened: On June 7, the Jerusalem municipality issued a series of expulsion and demolition orders to residents of the al-Bustan area in Silwan. The

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Turkey proposes Joint-Military “protection force” to aid Palestine at OIC meeting

Turkey’s foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu proposed a Muslim protection task force to aid Palestine in its protection against Israel. Following the recent escalations in Jerusalem

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Senator Bernie Sanders condemns Israeli right wing attacks, US involvement in Jerusalem

US senator Bernie Sanders on Tuesday called out the far right extremist attacks by Israel’s forces in Jerusalem and Gaza. Sanders criticized the actions, calling

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“Wake Up Muslim Ummah” trends as clashes continue in Jerusalem

“Wake Up Muslim Ummah” remained on top trending on Twitter just hours after clashes between Israeli police and Palestinians continued for the third day. According


The Irony That Is Trump’s Cost for Peace Between Israel and Palestine

The ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict took a deadly turn on Monday as Israeli snipers opened fire on Palestinian protestors along the Gaza Strip. The harrowing attack reportedly