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Affordable and cute jewellery brands

Minimalism is key when it comes to daily wear jewellery. A gold chain, twisted hoops or a colorful ring might just be the missing piece

Featured Stories PG Bazaar

5 online stores selling Affordable & Traditional Jewellery

With gold prices at an all-time high, the majority of women are more inclined to buy artificial jewelry, especially as the wedding season approaches. Artificial

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9 places in Pakistan with groovy clay jewellery that’ll make you feel like an 80s diva

Jewellery is supposed to be playful and fun. A good statement piece can change up your entire look and style which shows just how important

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These 9 businesses have traditional and ethnic jewellery for all your desi needs

Traditional jewellery has an extremely long history in Pakistan. From the Mughal paintings in which women are adorned in intricately crafted mazes of metal and

Featured Stories PG Bazaar

These local online jewellery brands will put an end to your search for jewellery in Pakistan

No outfit is complete without some accessories to embellish your outfit. Your whole outfit can be elevated with just a pair of earrings, so having


5 Handmade Jewellery stores you need to check out!

No outfit is complete without jewellery on. Jewellery has now become a form of self-expression, and it’s always convenient to find a piece that goes