Twitter’s Special Report on Jahangir Tareen’s Race to Secure Azaad Umeedwars

PTI’s Jahangir Tareen has been on a much-highlighted quest to urge independent candidates to join the party. The aim behind this was to gain a


Jibran Nasir Launches ‘Aik Awam Movement’

Activist, lawyer and independent candidate Jibran Nasir lost to PTI in the constituencies in the elections of 2018. However, the results showed him standing second


The “Kharij-e-Islam” Brigade Claims Its Latest Victim in Jibran Nasir

Yesterday, another citizen striving for change was charged with blasphemy allegations by the self-proclaimed zealots of piety in the country. Muhammad Jibran Nasir, while at


NA-247 – Which Candidate Will Reign Supreme in Karachi’s Key Areas?

Karachi’s biggest constituency, NA-247, will have an interesting competition between several key players. Candidates to look out for include both party affiliates and an independent

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Jibran Nasir’s Anthem Faces the Charge of Political Opportunism

Jibran Nasir was born on February 10th 1987 in Karachi. At age 31 he is an activist, an advocate and has made a decent name


Breaking News: Jibran Nasir Arrested For Questioning VIP Protocol

Just a few hours ago, human rights activist, advocate, and independent candidate for NA-247 Jibran Nasir was arrested in Karachi. Nasir was forced out of