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This 100 year-old man’s dedication led him towards world record of working at same company for 84 years!

What happened: Last month, Walter Orthmann turned 100 years old and broke the world record for the longest career at the same company. According to

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Opinion Poll: 7 in 10 Pakistanis said they have lost their jobs during the pandemic

Towards the end of April, Gallup Pakistan, which is affiliated it Gallup International and is Pakistan’s foremost social research lab, released the results of an

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Before You Hate on a Feminist, Look at These 21 Posters

Every year, women across the world celebrate International Women’s Day.  This year, Pakistan also witnessed the second iteration of the Aurat March that first took

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Six things you should know before starting your first job

It’s about to be summer, which means a lot of you may be graduating and looking for your first real job. Or maybe you’re still

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6 Best Companies To Work At In Pakistan!

I’ve recently entered the workforce, and oh boy was I not prepared. I knew it would be tough, I knew it would be hard, but