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Being hailed as ‘Britain’s kindest,’ this plumber provided a poverty-stricken family with £170 until they reach payday

What happened: On Jan 22, James Anderson, a plumber who works for Depher company which provides emergency assistance to vulnerable individuals, was taken aback when

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This nine-year old boy’s wish to get an ‘Iron-Man’ arm was fulfilled by a mystery donation of £10,000

What happened: On Dec 30, 2021, Billy Greyson, a nine-year old boy in the United Kingdom, was able to get an ‘Iron-Man’ bionic arm for

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After her brother’s wedding, this Bengal woman went to the railway station to distribute leftover food among the needy

What happened: Nilanjan Mondal, a wedding photographer clicked some of the moments of the distribution which took place at the Ranaghat station at 1 am where a

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Sikh volunteers deliver 3,000 meals to flood victims in Canada

What happened: Sikh volunteers from a Surrey Gurudwara worked hard to deliver 3,000 meals to flood victims in British Columbia, Canada. The flood: Massive floods