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Women have higher quality of life as compared to men: Study 

What happened: International journal of liberal arts and social science’s manuscript by Baine B. Craft and Associate Professor of Psychology and Biology Haley A. Carroll noted

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Places selling ‘to do lists’ to help get your life together

Ever get hit with fast-approaching deadlines and just can’t keep up with them? We’ve been there too. Not everyone can be productive all the time

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When someone you love has died

One of the strangest and yet normal things in life is the experience of death. Life’s single most certainty has the capacity to so drastically


Live to Dream

Walked down the street yesterday Sun on my back Working hard in life now To get back on the right track. Sometimes shit happens that


Journey of life: a brief encounter with a roadside Buddha

What is the meaning of life? How is one to attain happiness? These are the type of introspective questions that are bound to pop up