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The curious case of Pakistan’s first item girl: Niggo Begum

Misogyny, bigotry and violence would be the ideal words to define the cultural norms of Pakistan’s film industry. Just like any other entertainment industry in

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Imran Khan Urges International Community To Think Of Pakistan As A Donation Box

As the economic crises grows, Pakistani Prime Minister has appealed to Pakistani expats and anyone with money to basically think of Pakistan as charity box

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Did Somebody Try to Poison Reema?

Even though we don’t have the Oscars in our neck of the woods, our media industry is rife with intrigue, same as Hollywood. Renowned Pakistani


پاکستانی سینیما کا نیا دور

پاکستانی سینماء گھروں کی بحالی ہر پاکستانی کا خواب ہے۔ 1970 سے 1980 تک کا دور پاکستانی سینما گھروں کے لیے سنہرا دور تھا۔ تب


Pinky Memsaab – A Dubai Story

Ever so often you come across a movie trailer and it makes you wonder how relatable yet absolutely uncommon a topic it hits upon.  Pinky


The Donkey King and its Impeccable Timing for the Trailer Release

Another Pakistani animated film titled ‘The Donkey King’ from Pakistan is giving viewers something to look forward to and be proud of. The animated film


10 Coke Studio Renditions to Help You Get Through the Wait for Ep. 2

The season of music is upon us! Yes, I am talking about the most awaited musical phenomenon of the year a.k.a Coke Studio. It has


How Possible is Shabana Azmi’s Vision of Peace Through Cultural Exchange?

Veteran Indian Actor, Shabana Azmi, in a recent interview said that artists of both countries have to play the peacemakers in Indo-Pak relations. She said that