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Karachi’s sunsets, Miley Cyrus and seatbelts

we watched the sun go down as we were walking / I’d spend the rest of my life just standing here talking / you would

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7 love songs to cure the VDay hangover

Music has defined love for us. The sweet and beautiful poetry interspersed with calming music has taught us what beauty really feels like. And we

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The worst and the best Valentine’s Day ads

So as the sun of Valentine’s rises, so do rise the most horrid and the most wholesome Valentine’s commercials. On this Valentine’s, lets go through

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Love and the mango women of Pakistan

From an unerring codification of female characters stamped between the great pillars of the Mughals to recalling the tragedies encompassed by the folklores of Sassi Panu


Love You Every Day

The flickering of the candle. The evergreen fragrance of the rose. Today is the day, when I talk to her. I have to. I’ve been


That Is How Much I Love You

He poured his heart out, Waiting, to be loved. He stood in the shadows, Waiting, so she could come. Struggling with the truth he couldn’t


A New Love

I found a new love A love where the emotions are intense A love where loving her has become my sixth sense. I don’t need