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A week of social media is all you need to improve your mental health

What happened: Now, British researchers have come up with research proving that to yield better results, increase productivity, and improve mental health, all you need is

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Siyani Sahelian’s animated film CoronaVirus and Mental Health is tackling a crucial topic

What is Siyani Sahelian: It is a program under SOC Films that aims to empower the most marginalized adolescent girls in South Punjab through remedial

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Police Force to be evaluated on mental health and drug usage

Backstory: In the first phase, senior police officials will be tested for drug use as per the international protocol. Drug testing will be carried out

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Europe’s strictest lockdown takes a toll on children’s mental health

Spain had enforced the strictest lockdown in all of Europe restricting children from playing outside their homes. Parents grow more and more concerned about the

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Guy sets up a dog-walking group for men to talk about depression

Rob Osman from Bristol in the United Kingdom has dealt with depression and anxiety for a really long time. But throughout the difficult times, there

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To All The Mistakes I’ve Made: A Love Story

This article contains information some readers might fight distressing. Trigger warning: rape, emotional abuse Like anyone else, I’ve made a lot of mistakes in life. And thats okay,

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On Mental Health Awareness Day

Today is Mental Health Awareness Day all around the world, but how does it affect people in Pakistan? According a private news source, between 15-35

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Pakistan’s First Suicide Prevention Walk To Take Place In Lahore

The Walk will be taking place on Sunday 29th September, 5 pm at Liberty Chowk. The organisers of the Walk are Umang Pakistan, who run

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Shehzad Ghias Shares What it’s Like to Strive in the Face of Adversity

Comedian and thespian @shehzadghiasshaikh, shares a moving message with his fans on Sunday night. Scroll to read his full message