Karachi-based journalist alleges Pakistani singer Ali Noor sexually harassed her

What happened: On Feb 18, journalist, Ayesha Binte Rashid (@balancingbinte) took to her Instagram account where she posted a few screenshots of messages exchanged with

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“She Said”, the film about Weinstein and the #MeToo movement is set to premier in 2022

What happened: A film based on the investigation of sexual harassment cases against Harvey Weinstein and the #MeToo movement that followed is expected to premier

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What you need to know about the harassment incident at IBA

T/W: Assault  A week ago, a harassment incident allegedly took place in the Institute of Business Administration at Karachi University. According to reports, a non

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Jami reveals his rapist, why is the media silent?

Jamshed Mehmood had earlier in October told the media that thirteen years ago he had been raped by a “media giant.” At that point, social

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TikTok sensation Hareem Shah harassed at a public event

TikTok star Hareem Shah got harassed during a public event after which she took over social media sharing her experience. Ms Shah became a news

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Dawn Editor In Chief Says It Deserves Atleast One Pass On Shitty Journalism After All The Bold Stuff They Have Done

A few days ago Dawn News took down the article talking about Jami’s rape accusation against a big media tycoon (Hint Hint: he’s related to

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Pakistani Filmmaker Comes Out With #MeToo Story In Support Of Movement

Pakistani filmmaker Jami reveals that he was sexually assaulted by a media giant, as the movement is being criticised since a professor in Lahore commit

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Woman Retracts Sexual Harassment Allegation Against Ali Zafar

A woman by the name of Sofi, (twitter: @seraphina444), had accused Ali Zafar of harassing a young girl last year, just a few hours after

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A Letter To Pseudo WOKE Men

Hi. I’m the average girl who you’ve probably bumped shoulders with in college corridors. Or who’s car you’ve honked at during rush hour.  I’m the

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Activists At Habib University Are Talking About Why Victims of Sexual Violence Stay Silent

Trigger Warning: Sexual Harassment, Rape, Violence Activists belonging to Habib University, a liberal arts college in Karachi, have taken to Social Media to highlight why