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Pakistan to receive aid worth $4.35 dollars from Japan as contribution for the anti-polio programme

What happened: Japan has announced a $4.35 million grant to Pakistan for purchasing essential oral polio vaccines as part of its ongoing support for the

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India decides to ban cryptocurrencies

What happened: On late Tuesday, India’s parliament announced it would present a law to ban private cryptocurrencies and create a framework for a central bank-backed

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Cash spill on California highway made people go nuts

What happened: On Friday, an armoured vehicle spilt its cargo on a California highway, triggering a cash grab that ended in two arrests. Details: Demi

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The person who hacks into the electronic voting machine will get a cash prize of Rs1 million

What happened: Shibli Faraz, the Federal Minister of Science and Technology, declared a prize of Rs1 million for anyone who can hack an electronic voting

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Serbian football team donated 1 million euros cash prize to sick children

What happened: Serbia’s men’s football team has decided to contribute a one-million-euro prize for qualifying for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to help sick