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Kim Jong Un gives grooming and parenting commands to North Korean women

What happened: Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of North Korea, in a broadcast at an auditorium gave some commands to the hundreds of North

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is reportedly gravely-ill

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is gravely-ill after undergoing heart surgery, it has been claimed. CNN reported that the 36 year-old leader’s condition is being

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Coronavirus kills 180 soldiers in North Korea as diplomats flee country

Almost 200 North Korean soldiers have been killed by coronavirus as the killer virus sweeps the isolated regime, according to reports. The secretive state has not

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The Fragile Korean Peace: Is North Korea Serious About Denuclearization

After sanctions from USA, North Korea said it has no intentions of unilaterally giving up its nuclear weapons unless the “nuclear threat” is removed. The


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