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Rape or no rape, using it as clickbait is messed up!

Whether you and I agree or not, it is no joke that almost 21 million people watched the recent episode of Tere Bin. Best storytelling,

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Patriarchy forced me to stay a daughter when all my parents needed was a son

Before I am called out for differentiating between a daughter and a son, I am sure deep down we all have heard and witnessed this

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Mia Khalifa delivers a speech at Oxford University- But what’s with all the hate?

How deep can you dig into a person’s past? Clearly, Pakistanis (not only us, though) know how to. Recently Mia Khalifa, a famous former adult

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Before you praise Andrew turned Adnan Tate, don’t forget why he was banned from all social platforms

What happened: In the recent news, Andrew Tate has converted to Islam, and a particular niche of the population has welcomed him warmly.Muhammad Saleh and

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Is K-Eat Festival worth a new Covid-19 variant? I guess not!

The city of lights will be witnessing it’s biggest food festival at Beach View Park from Jan 14 to Jan 16 after a two-year hiatus

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A Karachi-based bakery refused to write ‘Merry Christmas’ for a university student, but another confectionery stepped in and made her day

What happened: On Saturday, Celestia Naseem Khan (@celestia_naseem_khan), a Christian university student posted pictures of a Christmas cake and customized festive cookies, sent by a