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PPP Does Not Think Forced Conversions Are A Problem

In a recent Sindh Assembly session, PPP lawmakers turned down a bill against forced conversions for the second time This highly contradicts PPP’s claims of

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Awami Workers Party to Challenge Mainstream Education With Political School

Awami Workers Party – claiming to be a ‘party of workers, peasants, women, students and marginalized groups fighting for a democratic and socialist society’ –

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Fatima Jinnah – A Tale of Peculiar Misfortune

Her life, post Mohammad Ali Jinnah Fatima Jinnah was a woman of high stature. Being the sister of the convener of Pakistan, she possessed great

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The Pashtun Long March and a History of Oppression

Author: Manaal Farooqi When the news of the Pashtun Long March began to permeate through Pakistan, reactions from the military, state and media confirmed what