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The famous Mona Lisa painting caked at the Louvre by a man ‘dressed as old lady in wheelchair’ 

What happened: The renowned painting of Mona Lisa was caked at the Louvre Museum in Paris by a man disguised as an older woman in

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The renowned Marilyn silk-screen painting sold for a record $195 million at an auction 

What happened: The pop artist Andy Warhol, who made the famed 1964 silkscreen portrait of Marilyn Monroe, was sold at an auction in America, noting


Psychologists Use This Painting To Determine Personality

These eight shots crystallize the hard work moms put into keeping their kids alive, happy, and healthy. They might give you the inspiration you need

Young Creatives

Young Creatives: A Conversation on “Parallel ‌Kaleidoscopic Is The New Paint-strokes on Canvas” with Ujala Hayat

ProperGaanda’s venture of  ‘Young Creatives’ sheds light on individuals that are shaping their own unique path through a society that has long faired on traditional values