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PEMRA Bans News Anchors From Personal Opinions During Talk Shows

PEMRA has barred TV News anchors from stating personal opinions on matters during talk shows, requesting them to limit their role to ‘moderators’ The notice

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5 Times Anchors F*#ked Up To Maintain TV Channel Ratings

If you hadn’t already noticed, the media industry is all about numbers now: shares, likes and of course ratings. When the goal is to maintain

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The Real Villain is not Arif Hameed, it’s Ary News

A few days ago a news anchor, Arif Hameed Bhatti, who claims to be a journalist on an ARY News show called ‘The Reporters’, tried

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5 Reasons to Stop Watching “Bol” Immediately

BOL has always been controversial. In the past, it has been a topic of discussion for their coverage of the Axact fake degrees issue, and for