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Pakistan Drops Out In Qualifiers For Olympics

After starting the game optimistic in the first leg of their Olympic qualifier, Pakistan lost 6-1 to Netherlands on Sunday, and hence will not be

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Could The Asia Cup 2020 Be Help In Pakistan

In the executive board meeting of the Asian cricket council held in Dhaka, Pakistan has been granted the right to host the next Asia Cup

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Pakistan Open: Squash Returns to The Country

Pakistan is set to host an international squash tournament for the first time in years. World class players return to Pakistan in first significant event


مزاح: کہانی کرکٹ کی

یہ امت خرافات میں کھو گئی اور سالک معاملات میں کھو گیا! ایک غریب مملکت ہونے کے ناطے ہم سے تفریح کی صرف وہ چیزیں


International Cricketers Allegedly Involved In Spot Fixing; Al Jazeera Reveals

News of spot fixing taking place has become increasingly common since the past few years. Although it doesn’t determine the overall result of the game,


5 Quick Facts About Best Emerging Player and Bowler, Diana Baig

The Pakistan Cricket Board Awards on Wednesday night highlighted one name in particular. That of female cricketer Diana Baig, who was the recipient of the