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Here’s why Seraiki poet Dr. Ashu Lal refused to accept Pakistan’s highest literary award of Rs.1 million

What happened: Dr Ashu Lal, a well-known Seraiki poet and writer, declined to accept the Rs1 million Kamal-i-Fun Award given by the Pakistan Academy of

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The crypto exchange app Binance gets FIA notice in multi-million dollar scam

What happened: On January 7, the FIA’s Cyber Crime Wing issued a notice to the renowned crypto exchange app as they are investigating a multi-million

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Kashif Alvi becomes the first differently-abled Pakistani to author a book titled “The Language of Paradise”

What happened: Kashif Alvi is also Pakistan’s first differently-abled to write a script for a 20-minute short film. Kashif Alvi’s book “The Language of Paradise” highlights how

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Pakistani designer’s custom made outfit was worn by Riz Ahmed on “Encounter’s” premiere

What happened: The British-Pakistani actor @rizahmed walked Encounter’s red carpet dripped in Shalwar Kurta designed by a Pakistani designer. Riz Ahmed paid homage to his

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70 years old becomes the oldest Pakistani to set a Guinness World Record

What happened:  Hailing from Karachi and a welder by profession, Naseemudin broke England’s Donnie Baxter’s record. Donnie Baxter held a record of smashing 13 apples

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Guantánamo Prison: Pakistani held without charge for 16 years to be released

What happened: Saifullah Paracha, Pakistani who spent 16 years in custody without ever being charged with a crime, is among the ten eligible to be

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Two assailants stab Pakistani migrant in Canada and slash his beard in a hate crime

What happened: A few weeks following the murder of a Muslim family in Ontario, a Muslim migrant of Pakistani origin was attacked by two unidentified

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Pakistani tech entrepreneurs reaching new heights

What happened: Raghib Husain, NED Karachi alumni founded a company ‘Cavium’ in late 2000. The company got acquired by Marvell for $6 billion. Click here

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Overseas Pakistanis get the right to vote in the National Assembly

What happened: The government announced that it has granted Pakistanis living abroad the right to vote in the National Assembly. This decision was made as part of

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Pakistan Stock Exchange breaks trading volume record with 1563m shares

Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) broke an all-time high record of 1,563 million shares on Wednesday courtesy of World Call Telecom, which realized alone a trading