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Patari’s Fall From Grace – What Happened

I remember when Patari first hit the scene. Everyone was so excited at the idea of a Pakistani Spotify. The biggest collection of Pakistani music.


5 Things You Need To Know About The Ali Zafar And Patari Debacle

Following the widely publicised Patari fiasco, Ali Zafar has made it into the headlines again.  Both Patari and Ali Zafar have received a fair amount


Patari in Trouble: When Zafar meets Bajwa

Patari, who only recently created shockwaves in Pakistan earlier this year due to sexual harassment allegations against their former CEO Khalid Bajwa, has made headlines


Twitterati’s Role in Shaping the Khalid Bajwa Scandal

Patari CEO and co-founder, Khalid Bajwa, just resigned amidst claims of sexual harassment by several women. Mehravar Ali took to Twitter to claim that she


Startups to Watch Out for in 2018

The Pakistani startup industry has recently been progressing rapidly due to more awareness about technology and entrepreneurship. Government initiatives, opening of several incubators, and entrepreneurial