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No fasts for PIA pilots during the holy month of Ramazan as in-flight safety protocol

What happened: Local publications reported that #PakistanInternationalAirlines had banned its pilots and cabin crew from fasting during Ramazan as part of their in-flight safety measures.

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European Union soon to lift ban as ICAO removes PIA from safety concern list

What happened: On January 5, the International Civil Aviation Organization removed CAA from its list of SSC (Safety Significant Concern). Subsequently, the ICAO’s team visited the Pakistan

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In a bid to promote religious tourism 200-member International Hindu delegation to arrive in Pakistan

What happened: Patron-in-Chief for the Pakistan Hindu Council Dr Ramesh Kumar, on December 31, revealed that an Indian delegation comprising of 200 Hindu pilgrims would

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PIA celebrates Christmas with Santa Claus surprising passengers with gifts

What happened: Ayesha Tammy Haq a lawyer by profession, shared a heartwarming picture of a Santa Claus on a PIA flight from Islamabad to Karachi

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PIA’s passengers turned the plane into a literal dust bin

What happened: A viral video on social media shows PIA’s plane full of trash. The flight was scheduled to leave from Islamabad to London and

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PIA launches direct flights from Karachi to Skardu to promote tourism

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has started direct flights from Karachi to Skardu to promote tourism in Gilgit-Baltistan. What Happened: It was announced by Gilgit Baltistan

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PIA finalises decision to fire half of its employees

What happened: The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) administration has finalised the plan for the restructuring of the national airline, and under this plan half of

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PIA plane crash survivor describes his escape: “All I could see was fire”

One of the two survivors of the PIA plane crash has described his escape from the burning plane after it came down during a second attempt at

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PIA will make direct flights to America for the first time during the pandemic

On Thursday, PIA’s spokesman Abdullah Hafeez confirmed that the United States Department of Transportation has granted permission to Pakistan International Airlines to conduct direct flights

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PIA emergency door opens up during landing

PIA airplane PK-631 flying from Islamabad to Sukkar shocks passengers as the emergency door opens while the plane lands. A passenger told a reliable media