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Remembering Ahmed Faraz on his 88th Birthday

Remembering the late legendary poet Ahmed Faraz on his 88th birthday

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Iqbal Day: All the Urdu Poetry you don’t understand!

Today marks the 141st birthday of Muhammad Iqbal, the national poet of Pakistan, popularly know as “Poet of the East.” On 9th November people from

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پروین شاکر اور رنج و محبت

پروین شاکر شاید اردو کی سب سے معروف شاعرہ ہیں، ان کی شاعری نے اردو ادب میں احساسات و جذبات کی نزاکت کی ایک نئی


Iqbal’s Shikwa-Jawab-e-Shikwa is so much more than just a catchy song

Coke Studio Pakistan has been a platform that reminds us of our forgotten heritage time after time. May that be the largely forgotten tales of


Dance in the Moonlight

Under the glistening stars and moonlight. Stand you and me, feeling quite right. To the tunes of the slow band. The symphonies that resonate a


Live to Dream

Walked down the street yesterday Sun on my back Working hard in life now To get back on the right track. Sometimes shit happens that


Love You Every Day

The flickering of the candle. The evergreen fragrance of the rose. Today is the day, when I talk to her. I have to. I’ve been


That Is How Much I Love You

He poured his heart out, Waiting, to be loved. He stood in the shadows, Waiting, so she could come. Struggling with the truth he couldn’t


Wanderings of an Awakened Mind

For all the things carved in and out, In the shade of sand and stone. Long enduring the changing winds, Bending, swaying and breaking. Are