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Kashmiri man found innocent after 12 years in Indian jail

What happened: Bashir Ahmed Baba is from Srinagar and was jailed in an Indian jail in 2010. The charges against him by the police were

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“My son is a good man”, says murderer’s mother in George Floyd’s case

What happened: Before the Judge passed the sentence against Derek Chauvin, his mother defended him by pleading leniency and telling the judge that her son

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Journalists covering Karachi’s lockdown restrictions subjected to police harassment

Journalists reporting on the new lockdown restrictions imposed by the Sindh government in Karachi were allegedly thrashed by police officers.   What Happened: Fareed Khan,

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18-year old Muslim vegetable seller beaten to death by Unnao police

Faisal Hussain, an 18-year-old vegetable seller was allegedly beaten to death by personnel of the Unnao Police. He was the sole breadwinner of the family

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Illinois man sues Springfield police for drug testing his daughter’s ashes

Dartavius Barnes, an Illinois man is suing the city of Springfield, claiming that police unlawfully took an urn with his daughter’s ashes, desecrated them by

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UP police used burning logs and molested women at Anti-CAA protests in Etawah

Two sisters who protested at the Anti-CAA protests told HuffPost India about the horrors women had to face during the protests at the hands of

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2 Policemen Involved In Gang Rape Of A Woman From Karachi

Two of the suspects arrested are confirmed to have been police officers The six suspects for the gang rape case from Karachi appeared in court

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Police Brutality in Peshawar Raises the Need to Un-ban Student Unions

An incident in Peshawar University has given rise to the occasional debate on the revival of student unions in Pakistan. Banned in 1984 under the Zia

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15 yr Old Christian Teenager Killed By Police Officers After Getting Into a Fight With a Muslim boy in School

A teenaged Christian boy was beaten to death by six policemen on October 9 in Jabbran district in Pakistan’s Sheikhupura area in Punjab, rights organizations