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Police officer guarding polio team shot dead in Balochistan

What happened: Speaking to Dawn, on October 25, Pishin Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Yasir said that the unknown assailants attacked the vaccination team in the Pishin

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Is Pakistan really responsible for the detection of Polio Virus in the UK?

What happened: The UK Health Security Agency has claimed that the “poliovirus was probably imported from some country.” At the same time, the UK Health Advisory has instructed

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PM Imran: Afghanistan key source of polio disease in Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that polio virus is spreading in the country from Afghanistan and that special arrangements are being made to monitor

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Expired polio vaccine alarms locals in Rawalpindi

The ongoing nation wide polio vaccination campaign comes under extreme scrutiny after at least 50 children were administered an expired polio vaccine in the Dhoke

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Is The Government Covering Up Polio Outbreaks?

Pakistani officials have been accused of attempting to cover up an outbreak of the most dangerous polio strain and trying to contain it with a

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Peshawar Court Halts Arrest Of Alleged Anti-Vaxxer

The Peshawar High Court has issued a stay order to prevent local police from arresting a man believed to be behind an online anti-polio vaccination

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Why Has Polio Been So Hard To Eradicate In Pakistan?

Pakistan has been unable to eradicate Polio within it’s boarders. Only 3 countries in the world, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan, have not been able to


Polio Eradication and Extremism – Words We Never Thought Would Be Used in the Same Sentence

It is 2018 and it is upsetting, to say the least, that Polio is still crippling children in our country. Just a day ago, the