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Dear Dada, it’s not the same anymore

Disclaimer: The following is a work of satire. Follow the author, H. Ghaznavi here on Twitter. Dear Dada, It’s been a while since I’ve written

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“I’m stressed out,” writes Immi K in a letter to his dad

Disclaimer: The following is a work of satire, learn to take a joke. If this hurts your feelings, please don’t reach out to us. Dear Dad,

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Malaysia visit may upset God and Bank, PM Khan learns during Umrah

Going to Malaysia might upset God and Bank, PM Khan learns on Umrah. After much controversy Prime Minister Khan took out time and talked to

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Fatwa Against Leather Jackets | The Gaanda

From our special Gender Correspondent    A group of religious scholars have issued a fatwa against women wearing leather jackets, after video emerged of a

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3 Hilarious Viral Videos From the Week

This week Pakistan saw a lot of ridiculous and hilarious videos go viral. We do a deep dive of the top three ones from the

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PML-N Supporters Offer Their Own Spine To Shahbaz Sharif | The Gaanda

After Shahbaz Sharif’s no show from almost everywhere that PML-N might have needed support, reports suggest that Shahbaz Sharif spine may still not be fixed

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Express Tribune Willing To Compromise on Journalism By 15 % For Every 100 Dollars | The Gaanda

Express Tribune after taking cue from other traditional media outlets and firing most of its journalists, are now making further in roads for expansion. One

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Former Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain’s Life Reported To Be Still Irrelevant | The Gaanda

Ex-President Mamnoon Hussain, who was famously irrelevant in his time as the President of Pakistan, is reported to still be pretty much irrelevant. According to

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Doctor Asks Maulana Fazl ur Rehman To Shave, After Dari Reported To Be Infested With Tinkas | The Gaanda

After the Government, the armed forces and basically most of Maulana’s friend gave him a shutup a call on his planned halloween party, Maulana got