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Before you praise Andrew turned Adnan Tate, don’t forget why he was banned from all social platforms

What happened: In the recent news, Andrew Tate has converted to Islam, and a particular niche of the population has welcomed him warmly.Muhammad Saleh and

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Farmers who lost everything to massive floods will receive free wheat seeds from November 10

What happened: The Food, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Committee announced on Tuesday that due to the destruction of crops in flood-hit areas, farmers would be


Maniha Hashmi becomes Pakistan’s first Fulbright Scholar at Coumbia University

What happened: In a LinkedIn post shared by Maniha Hashmi, it quoted, “As a 19-year-old kid on an exchange semester who happened to pass by Columbia on

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A misogynist and controversial Andrew Tate was finally banned from social media platforms!

What happened: The platforms banned a name that had been doing rounds on social media for his misogynistic remarks last month. Recently, the so-called influencer was

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Justice delayed is justice denied; British national aspiring tennis player murdered in Islamabad Ramada hotel ‘Where are the authorities?’ 

ProperGaanda reached out to the sister of Farooq Ali, a British national and aspiring senior tennis player for Pakistan who was allegedly murdered in the

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Faisalabad businessman 14 others booked for abduction and torture of a BDS student 

What happened: Quoting Dawn and Twitter, a renowned businessman identified as Sheikh Danish and his daughter Ana Sheikh allegedly abducted a dentistry student Khadijah. Dawn quotes, “Faisalabad

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Vaping is less harmful than smoking, but it’s still not safe: Hopkins Study 

What happened: Michael Blaha, MD and the director of clinical research at the Johns Hopkins Ciccarone Center for the Prevention of Heart Disease, is quoted by

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Guinness World Records might be including Karachi’s baby goat Simba for having the longest ears 

What happened: There are social media influencers and other media stars in Pakistan, but a baby goat in Pakistan, has recently caught the attention of millions

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Women reveal how the NAB Chairman harassed, recorded and undressed her in the NAB office

What happened: A woman named Tayyaba Gul revealed how she was harassed, videotaped and stripped naked by the NAB officials when she refused to comply

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Dissecting the curious case of Lafangey banned and unbanned within days 

A Pakistani horror-comedy film starring Sami Khan and Mani got rejected right after its trailer launch by the Censor Board Committee. However, recently it has