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TLP releases kidnapped policemen following successful negotiation

LATEST NEWS: PM’s address: Prime Minister Imran Khan has addressed the nation to discuss last week’s events. He proclaimed that while his government and the

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TLP protests disrupt oxygen supply for Covid-19 patients in critical care

Pakistan is witnessing its second day of protests by the supporters of the Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan who have disrupted traffic in many cities of the country.

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Political discourse and (dis)order: This is why TLP protest makes no sense whatsoever

Background: Over the last few years, Pakistan’s Barelvi movement has become politically active and religiously mobilized. The social movement discourse in Pakistan has been disrupted as

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Indian citizenship bill death toll reaches nine

New clashes erupted between Indian police and demonstrators on Friday after more than a week of deadly unrest triggered by a citizenship law seen as

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Toronto Restaurant shut down amidst threats

‘Heartbroken’ family behind Soufi’s says the restaurant is shutting down for good Tensions and threats mounted after the restaurant’s owner’s son was found to be

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7 Key Takeaways From The Protests In Iraq

In the last couple of weeks, the Iraqi government has been subjected to surprise demonstrations from civilians in southern Iraq. After small outbursts here and

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A Timeline of Pakistan bowing down to the Religious Right

Recently in a tragic turn of events, the Pakistani government signed a contract with the TLP, who had caused nation wide unrest for 3 continuous

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Third Day of Protests Continue Against Asia Bibi’s Acquittal

Since the past 3 days, a vast number of roads in all the major cities of Pakistan have been blocked by the supporters of ultra


Protest Erupt All Over The Country Following Asia Bibi’s Release

The acquittal of Asia Bibi on Wednesday sparked rage and angry protests all over the country by various Islamist Parties, especially Tehreek e Labaik (TLP),


The Bridal Brigade

News Alert: The government has announced that it will release the Bridal Brigade Task Force (BBTF) in case negotiations with the protestors holding Liberty Bazaar