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Millions have been raised to send Russian president Putin to Jupiter

What happened: A website has been seen on social media by the name of “Send Putin to Jupiter” and the website has already raised two million dollars

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In a unique development, Taliban call for restraint in the Russia-Ukraine conflict

What happened: The Taliban-led Afghan government has called for restraint as Russia invaded Ukraine. In a statement, the Taliban foreign policy spokesperson claims that Kabul’s

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“Insult to the Prophet is the violation of religious freedom and sacred feelings, says Vladimir Putin

What happened: On the 23rd of December, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his annual news conference, stated that insulting the Prophet Muhammad PBUH is not

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Vladimir Putin is now even closer to being President for life

Vladimir Putin has moved one step closer to joining the “Presidents for Life” club. Get to know more On Tuesday, President Putin backed proposals from


Daily Digestible News-November 22, 2018

Here is your daily dose of the Digestible News covering Putin’s talks with Assad, approval of CPEC’s long-term plan, sharp increase in health costs in