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Pakistani born cricketer Azeem Rafiq says: “Racism is a societal probelm”

What happened: The Pakistani-born Yorkshire’s cricketer Azeem Rafiq in a briefing to the British Member of Parliament, has said that racism is a societal problem, and

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Man on Twitter shares his frustration over facing racist and Islamaphobic treatment by the NHS

What happened: On Wednesday, Twitter user @AyoOlatunji8 shared his frustrating experience with the NHS as they subject him and his family to islamophobic and racist

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#SindhRejectsSamaaTV trends on twitter as news channel comes under fire for alleged racism against Sindhis

News channel Samaa TV is facing backlash on social media for allegedly practicing racism in its coverage of the coronavirus crisis. In one of its

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It took U.S. 120 years to declare lynching a Federal Hate Crime

It’s taken 120 years, but the U.S. government has finally made lynching a federal crime. On Wednesday, the House passed the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act,


Spotlight on Britain’s Child Grooming Gangs

  Twenty men were tried this week for running a child grooming and prostitution gang in the northern England town of Huddersfield. The BBC reported


3 Concerns of Muslims Upon Hearing of the Toronto Van Attack

Yesterday, 10 people died and 13 people were injured in a harrowing van attack in Toronto. A white van rammed through pedestrians along a 4km


3 Things to Be Mindful of During “Punish a Muslim Day”

It is the 3rd of April today-a date that should have very little significance in the daily scheme of things. Yet, today, Muslims across Europe