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The Coca-Cola Company and Rizq Partner Up for a Hunger-Free Pakistan

According to the World Food Program, 80 million people in Pakistan are estimated to be food-insecure. This had been made worse during the pandemic, as

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Editors top 7 picks for the Lahori food fix, this Ramadan

This Ramadan, the editors at Propergaanda have curated a special list for our readers in Lahore. This list of local businesses will take your tastebuds

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Check out these healthier alternatives to regular foods for sehri

Ramadan is finally here and like most Pakistani’s you’ve probably decided to use this time to start living a healthier lifestyle. Belonging to a desi

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Here are 9 NGOs worth donating to this Ramadan

It is said that those who spend on charity will be richly rewarded. Throughout decades, people have searched for ways to contribute to the society

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British Muslims turn to video calls in preparation of observing Ramadan in lockdown

For many Muslims, the month of Ramadan is a time of togetherness and spiritual solidarity and for British Muslims, the pandemic will not change that.

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Where In The World Will The Longest Fast Be

How long will the fast be in your country? Team ProperGaanda wishes you Ramzan Mubarik!