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Islamabad tailor gets robbed of 240 Eid clothes at gunpoint

What happened: Gunmen in Islamabad tied up and beat a Pakistani tailor named Muhammad Razzaq and his staff as they robbed the shop and took

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In a bid to stand against Islamophobia, non-Muslims participate in fasting and hijab challenge

What happened: This month, non-Muslims from all over the world participated in a two-day Ramadan challenge, #FastForUnity, against Islamophobia as they wanted to promote religious


Here’s why masjid refused to announce Dua Zehra’s name

What happened: On Apr 21, parents of the missing girl, Dua Zehra were invited on Waseem Badami’s show, ‘Shaan-e-Ramazan,’ where they talked about how it’s

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This Sikh trader distributed free Ramazan packages among Muslims in KPK

What happened: As part of a ‘Ramazan package,’ a local Sikh trader in Tirah valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa distributed dates, cement bags, and sugar packs to

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No fasts for PIA pilots during the holy month of Ramazan as in-flight safety protocol

What happened: Local publications reported that #PakistanInternationalAirlines had banned its pilots and cabin crew from fasting during Ramazan as part of their in-flight safety measures.

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Power Division announced a no load-shedding policy for Ramazan 2022

What happened: On March 25, ARY News reported a few sources from the Power Division of Pakistan, who have announced zero load shedding during Sheri,


Presenting 6 guidelines focused on ‘Islamic teachings,’ Ministry of Religious Affairs proposes ban on Ramazan game shows

What happened: On March 19, the Ministry of Religious Affairs proposed a ban on game shows airing during the holy month this year. In addition,

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Ramazan; Time For Self-control And Complete Indulgence

Ramazan is such an important part of our culture and religion. The holy month requires us to sustain and purify. It makes us understand the


9 Ridiculous Things That Happen Only in Pakistan Every Ramzan

Ramzan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. It is a month that tests the resilience and patience of Muslims across the globe. Muslims