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112 Rawalpindi prisoners got bail on humanitarian grounds so they can celebrate Eid ul Azha with their families

What happened: In advance of Eid ul Azha, the Lahore High Court Rawalpindi bench and all lower courts in the Rawalpindi region have granted bail

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Famous Ayub National Park declares heatwave emergency for animals

What happened: The extraordinary surge in temperature in the twin cities provoked the Ayub National Park zoo to declare a heatwave emergency in a bid

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Man rapes two minor girls selling balloons in Rawalpindi

What happened: On February 14, a Rawalpindi man was arrested for allegedly raping two minor girls who were selling balloons outside the Cantonment General Hospital.

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Restaurant in Rawalpindi has “horrifying” and “substandard” living arrangements for its employees, claims a social media user

What happened:  Social media user refused to be named but said that his father owns a flat in Rawalpindi, which was lent out to the

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3 events burgers and pindi boys need to attend in Islamabad this weekend

3 events to attend in Islamabad and Rawalpindi this weekend.

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Try these 5 Places for Affordable near NCA Rawalpindi

Are you a student at NCA Rawalpindi? Try these budget friendly options for affordable food options near your university!

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TRIGGER WARNING: Head, body parts of an unidentified woman found in Rawalpindi

In a bizarre yet disturbing incident, body parts of a woman were found lying in a green area along Leh Nullah in Dhoke Chiragh Din on Wednesday.  Her head

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47 injured as citizens challenge the Basant ban in Rawalpindi

The city echoed with sounds of gunfire as people celebrated Basant, ignoring a government ban on Friday. Kite flying and celebratory firing caused injuries to

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80 patients lose vision due to eye drop reaction in Rawalpindi

The government and management at Al Shifa Trust Eye Hospital are investigating the reason behind an incident in which a number of patients reportedly lost

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Expired polio vaccine alarms locals in Rawalpindi

The ongoing nation wide polio vaccination campaign comes under extreme scrutiny after at least 50 children were administered an expired polio vaccine in the Dhoke